The harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation


With the development of science and technology, more and more electronic products come into people's lives. The electromagnetic environment are becoming more and more complex, so the followed potential threat of the electromagnetic radiation pollution can not be ignored. Especially long-term and close use of cell phones, telephone watch and radio stations will be more dangerous to human body. As radiation is inversely proportional to the square or cubic value of the distance, radiation is very strong and would terribly affect human health when people directly answering phone for the distance is zero.。


Why mobile radiation affects the health of human body?

WHO confirmed cellphone radiation can cause brain cancer. 

May 31st,2011,a Working Group of 31 scientists from 14 countries had a meeting at IARC in Lyon, France, to assess the potential hazards of the radiation from mobile phones and confirmed the mobile phone would cause the brain cancer, which has been classfied into 2B and issued in the 102th Volume in IARC’s special Articles.  ( 

②  Cancer cells: Italian court rules 'mobile phones can cause brain tumors'

On Oct.19th. 2012, Reuters reported that the Italy Supreme Court upheld a judgment. A merchant of Italy, named Innocente Marcolini, who caught brain tumor because of long time using wireless mobile phone daily. He sought the financial compensation from court. According to the famous oncologist and envitonmental mutagensis researcher, professor Angelogino Levis, along with the neurosurgeon, Dr. Giuseppe Grasso, afforded the evidence with which the Italy supreme court ruled that Mr. Marcolini got industrial injury compensation.
The court's decision offically recognises that the causal link between the mobile phone radiation and brain tumor.

③ American authoritative medical journals“American medical” 
 research confirmed that mobile phone radiation may alter brain state  

With the perspective method to compare: 
research shows that the mobile phone radiation can increase brain activity, change the brain state, and moreover, when people talk on the phone directly, their brain color will be changed, which shows radiation has an impact on the brain.


④ Reported by CCTV 'The Doctors is In':Harmful effects of mobile phone radiation

CCTV program 'The Doctor is In' stated in 16th Sep. that frequent and long-term use of mobile phones will easily cause neurasthenia, insomnia, temper changing and palpitation etc. In other words, it is a kind of heating effect, which means the closer human body to cell phones, the stronger the heating effect will be. Although the heating effect on human body is hard to realize, our cells are very sensitive. It would cause health problems if our cells are keeping heated. Nowadays, international cancer organization has announced that mobile phone radiation maybe one of the important causes of cancer.  

Expert statement 1:
 The older teenagers use mobile phones the better


Expert statement 2:
carry cell phones would does harm to people's health

A child's CNS is basically perfect when he is 12 years old but never fully developed until 20 years old. It would hurt immature CNS if children directly answer the call near the brain. 


(1)In the case of hanging cell phones in front of the chest. Chest is where the thymus located. Within the thymus, T cells or T lymphocytes mature. T cells are critical to the adaptive immune system. They would not work properly under long-term exposure of mobile phone radiation, which would easily cause health problems.

(2)In the case of putting cell phones in the trouser pocket where near the reproductive system. Mobile phone radiation would kill sperm and ovum and thus affect the reproductive health of people


⑤ Mobile Phone Anti-Radiation Regulations in Developed Countries

      On Oct.28th, 2009, Le Figaro reported: The French senate passed through an legislation to forbid the primary and middle students to use mobile phones.

      New York Times reported on Jun 16th, 2010: San Francisco voted 10-1to pass cell phone radiation law to require mobile phone retailers to post radiation levels.

      ChinaNews .com reported at 14:43 in July 28th, 2009: Students in primary and middle schools were banned to use mobile phones in Japan and South Korea.

      US, Great Britain and the developed countries alike had passed circulars which ban students (under 20 years old) in primary and middle schools to use mobile phones.

      Therefore, mobile phone radiation does harm to human health. Ibrain radiation free earphone is the best solution to offset the  radiation effects on human body

⑥ The experiments conducted by SAHZU shows that a four-hour
exposure to cellphone radiation could directly leads to cataract.

Ophthalmology Health Center director of SAHZU, Professor Ke Yao's experiment shows that after 4 hours' exposure to 10mw/cm2, equals to 10000μw/cm2  (radiation level of cellphone is higher than this which is 13600μw/cm2) electromagnetic radiation, rabbit's lens epithelial cells were damaged, which leads to cataract directly. It can be know how danger the mobile radiation is to human eyes.