The instruction of anti radiation earphon

The way of connecting anti radiation earphones with communication equipments like cell phones, the use of the functional key, wearing ways are the same as the conventional earphones. To get the best anti radiation effects, please put your phone away from you body when you are calling or listening to the music. The right using ways are as below:

1、Hang on/up    
  Put your phone away from you body when the dialing is connecting. Press the 'hang on/up' key to answer the call, and press the 'hang on/up' key to hang up the call.

      Put your phone away from your body when you are making a call. After the call is connected, you can talk normally.                                              
3、Play/Pause/Cut songs
 Open the music player, and place your phone away from your body. Press the button to play the song, and then click it again to pause. Double-click to switch to the next song. Long press to switch to the last song(The operation of cutting songs maybe different because of different music players).