How mobile phone radiation affects human body?

When the mobile phone is working, it keeps exchanging signals with earth station.
Cell phone is in constantly exchanging with the station all the time when it is working, transmitting and receiving high-power wireless electromagnetic waves.The wireless electromagnetic waves are much stronger when phones are in the calling status. When people using mobile phones, these waves would be absorbed more or less by human body and thus cause harm to the body. Therefore, the phone itself is a huge source of radiation.

An experiment proves that stickers cannot isolate radiation.
The main experiment content is below: put a mobile phone which is plugged in ibrain earphone into a metal box and leave a 5mm slit. At the same time, pull the earphone outside the box. It can be found that the earphone can make calls as usual, which indicates that the mobile phone can still exchange signals with earth station normally. It can be seen that the large-area shielding created by the metal box still cannot stop the emission exchange of wireless electromagnetic waves. Thus it can be concluded that it is impossible to use stickers to reduce radiation.

The wireless electromagnetic waves are of mesh shape, which can bypass obstacles. If the mobile phone is fully insulated, it will not work. The way to absorb radiation is also not a good idea because cell phone will emit stronger radiation and affect the use of mobile phone. Therefore, the only way to reduce radiation is to enlarge the distance between body and mobile phones. Therefore, the only way to prevent cell phone radiation is to lengthen the distance.
Form the scientific formula describing the attenuation values of electromagnetic wave : the launching point (the radiation) is inversely proportional to the square of the distance of the acceptance point(attenuation). That is to say,the farther the source is, the less the radiation would be.

Based on the features of attenuation values, in order to protect people's health and protect us as well as our next generation from the harm of cell phone radiation, our company invents the Ibrain anti-radiation earphones which accords with the scientific analysis of the physical principle.