Shanghai Zhongchangjiang Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that integrates the design, development and production of magnetic resonance specialized equipment, air tube earphones and other mobile phone-related products. Ibrain anti-radiation earphones created quadruple EMF shielding technology and have been granted invention patents from 48 countries and regions globally. (Please refer to the Honor page for the patent numbers.)

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Specially used for magnetic resonance —— AI KANG DAO passive non-magnetic non-metallic two-way communication system

AI KANG DAO has been focusing on passive non-magnetic non-metallic communication technology for 22 years and has invented a scientific and leading two-way communication system, which not only can eliminate the gradient noise transmitted to the control room but also can extract clear voice from the complex noise during MRI scanning. It achieves clear communication at any time between patients and doctors during the whole process. Besides, it has the function of synchronously playing music to make the examination be conducted with relaxed music, reducing patient's fear and doctor's working pressure.