Second: Ibrain is not only an air tube earphones but also has four unique anti-radiation technologies

Sound cavity free of magnetic field

There is no loudspeaker in the earplug, thus avoiding the direct harm to eardrum and brain brought by the 1000 Gauss permanent magnetic field and alternating magnetic field.

Air Tube

It isolates above mentioned magnetic field and radiation source. Moreover, air tube lengthens the distance between mobile phone and human body, which largely decreases electromagnetic radiation.
Three Electromagnetic Radiation Research Organizations have confirmed that air tube earphones is one of the best ways to reduce mobile phone radiation.

Metal shielded wire

It's made of strands of copper wires so as to prevent the transmission of high frequency electromagnetic wave, achieving quite good anti-radiation effect.
With good radiation-shielding performance, the outside low and high frequency electromagnetic waves
and noise waves can be prevented, enabling an output with high sound quality.
Besides, it strengthens the tensile intensity and extends the service life.

Healthy Antenna Technology

The Metal Shielded Wire, together with air tube could prevent the earphones being used as an antenna,
thus protecting our brains as well as eardrums from the direct harm done by the FM/AM electromagnetic

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