Ibrain Military anti radiation headset protects soilders' health

Four technologies for radiation protection

1、Non-magnetic Sound Chamber

Without the φ32 loudspeaker which is used for traditional military-use earphones, Ibrain earphones remove the damage of the 12000 gauss permanent magnetic field and the alternating magnetic field which is produced by the permanent one and the voice coil.

2、Air Tube

The air tube lengthens the distance between the radiation source (radio and loudspeaker ) and the human body which isolates the radio radiation, reducing the harmful aspects that radio radiation may bring, protecting people's health.
The length of the air tube could reach 800-900mm.  

3、Noise Reduction Converter

It converts audio after reducing nose, converting the active signal to the passive audio signal by air tube, which produces the excellent anti-radiation effect.

4、Metal Shielded Wire

From the broadcasting station, the metal shielded wire has been used for ground connection and it could isolates the radiation emitted by the station, which could reduces the radiation harm greatly. At the same time, it also isolates the interference signal and makes the sound more clear. Meanwhile, it strengthens the tensile strength which could prolongs the life span of the earphones.


Been Invited to attend The third China 'Two bombs, one satellite' Military High-level Conference

The third China 'Two bombs, one satellite' Military High-level Conference was held from 11th-12th Nov. 2016 in Beijing. Mr.Zhu was invited to attend the conference and received warmly welcome to introduce the application of ibrain earphones in military products. Ibrain earphones are considered as good civil-military integrating products!




The Application of Ibrain Anti-Radiation Technology in Military

1.Military radio terminal solutions which apply for military base station,handheld transceiver, car radio, man pack radio and so on.

2.Usages in spacecrafts and ground command stations

When the spacecraft were lifted or ascended, the ground commanders and the staff on the spacecraft had to keep the spirit at all times. The crew on the spacecraft was working in harsh climates, and the body was very tired and weak. The  immunity is reduced, more susceptible to electromagnetic interference by the communication machine, the damage to their body will be more serious.

3.Usages in answer devices for airplanes, warships and other communications equipment

4. Military Communication Equipment

By using unique antenna technology and insulation technology to enlarge the distance between receiving device and human body, the central control panel could reduce damages, which result from the receiving device, caused to human central nerve system and eyes. It could keep operator's mind clear and supple to operate.