Air tube radiation-proof earphone is the only way to prevent brain cancer caused by cell phone radiation

WHO confirmed cellphone radiation would cause brain 

Air tube radiation-proof earphone is the only way to prevent brain by l phone radiation

2011-05-24 17: 06: 31   China Daily Website

 On May, 31st, 2011 WHO/ International Agency for Research on cancer released the news that radiation magnetic field has been classified as possibly carcinogenic to humans(Group 2B) based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer associated with wireless phone use.

 Electromagnetic radiation is invisible and intangible. It has a rather severe stimulus on the nerves. When we make a phone call, the cell phone is near our head while the nerves are mainly located in the cerebrum and cerebellum , so we’ll feel a headache when we make a long phone call.  Feeling a headache shows that there has been a damage which is quite dreadful.

 Why it is said that air tube radiation-proof earphones can solely prevent cell phone from causing brain cancer?

1、How do cell phones radiate the body?

 The cell phone is keeping the up and down exchange process with the earth station any time and receiving & transmitting the high power wireless signal. specially in the answering moment or calling status, the signal will be more stronger.Therefore, the cell phone itself is a huge radiation source. Using patch is not a good method. We have conducted an experiment: Place a cell phone into an iron tank and let the door be open a crack of 5 mm. Pull the insulated sound wave tube of Changjiang radiation-proof earphones out of the tank and listen to it, Changjiang radiation-proof earphones can keep normal communication at the same time.  It is obvious that the cell phone can still normally send out signals and exchange with the ground station. It is now clear that it’s hard to prevent radiation when a patch is stuck on the cell phone shell. If the signals are completely shielded, the cell phone won’t work. The method of absorption cannot well solve the radiation problem, either.  If the signals are absorbed, the cell phone operation will be severely influenced..Therefore, the only way is to keep a long distance. Changjiang radiation-proof earphones do rightly keep a longer distance through insulated air tubes and insulate the metal transmission of electromagnetic wave. Thus using Changjiang radiation-proof earphones is the only favorable method to prevent radiation.
2、The honorary report of Light of Science on China Central Television Science & Education Channel( Sep, 16th, 2010) proved that Changjiang radiation-proof earphones apply the principles of science and can effectively prevent cell phone radiation.
3、Analysis based on the principle of physical phenomena

 The attenuation characteristics of electromagnetic wave is inversely proportional to the distance. The earplugs of FC Changjiang radiation-proof earphones are connected to the cell phone through anti-electromagnetic wave sound wave channel with a certain distance. Adequately using and operating the cell phone switches to answer the call, end the call and keep a certain distance between the cell phone and body constantly can remarkably reduce the radiation magnetic field to lower than 10uw/cm2 which is stated in GB9175-1988 Environmental Electromagnetic Wave Health Standards issued by the Health Ministry.

■ The Collaborative on health and the environment (CHE) electromagnetic radiation-proof organization discussed on the safety of cell phones and proposed that the air tube earphones be preferable
■ American EMR Policy Institute issued cell phone radiation statement and pointed out that it is best to use air tube earphones. The cell phone with a lower specific absorption rate( SAR) is most likely to aggravate pathological leakage of the blood-brain barrier. ( Oct. 1st, 2009)
■ American Environmental Working Group proposed not to use patches---the patches stuck on antenna or cell phone will weaken the telecommunication quality and thus force cell phones to transmit signals at higher power with higher radiation
 Changjiang radiation-proof earphones are rightly air tube earphones!
5、The test result from national authentic organization through scientific instruments shows that radiation is reduced 35417 times by using Changjiang radiation-proof earphones than directly using cell phones.


 In short, the most authentic health organization in the world verifies that cell phone radiation may lead to brain cancer. The most authentic electromagnetic radiation research institute state that air tube earphones are best for cell phone safety. Owing to the verification of the above five tips,shanghai ZhongChangjiang radiation proof earphone is a must-have for your own health. Furthermore, this company possesses both Chinese Invention patent and international patent.