Cell Phone Use and Radiation

The key issue is that there is no one doesn't rely on our cell phones every day? They make life become more convenient. I was charging mine and almost forgot it today as I was running out of the house and the thought occurred to me, how did we live without these things?Many people even forego a land line and for some, a cell phone is vital for doing business. But how much radiation are we really being exposed to? A report released from the Environmental Health Trust [EHT] last year says that governmental testing of cell phone radiation is highly inaccurate. "Unsurprising, biased and misleading," is what EHT President, cancer epidemiologist, Devra Davis, PhD, MPHT says about a recent Danish study that underplayed the cancer risk from cell phone use.

Children absorb radiation at a far higher rate than adults. Radiation goes 150% deeper into the head of a 10 year old child than it does an adult's head; radiation goes even deeper into that of a 5 year old. One study shows that the bone marrow of a child absorbs 10 times the amount of radiation as an adult. The radiation "limits" allowed by governmental studies pertain to adult men not children. It's cause for concern, particularly for kids who have their own cell phone or for kids who frequently use their parent's cell phones for games and web surfing. EHT points out that some countries ban children from using cell phones because of the health risk.

Scientists at the World Health Organization [WHO] believe that cellular phones are carcinogenic. ABC News reported that WHO conducted a world wide study revealing that talking on one for 30 minutes a day for 10 years increased the risk of a rare brain tumor by 40%. According to the Research Center for Wireless Technology, when you use a cell phone in the car, the reflective properties of the car's metal chassis and frame increases the radiation exposure exponentially to everyone in the car, not just the person using the phone. This also occurs inside buses, motor homes and elevators.

It is a good idea to limit exposure to radiation: use the speaker phone when possible, only make calls when necessary and keep them short, turn the phone off if it's in your pocket, wear an air tube headset (avoid wireless headsets, they intensify radiation to the ear canal) and allow children to use a mobile phone only for emergencies.

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