Our company attended China Sourcing Fair.Electronics in Miami from June19-21,2014

In order to increase the care and experience of users' health, "FAW" signed a contract with our company in mid-September 2013 to purchase Kangdao anti-radiation Bluetooth headsets from our company with an order quantity of 150,000 pieces in January.

Because the anti-radiation earphones produced by our company can effectively prevent mobile phone radiation and protect the human brain without violating traffic regulations, and can also protect personal privacy during calls. With such distinctive features, it has also obtained invention patents from nine countries including the United States, Russia, Australia, Germany, and China (patent types, patent numbers, please refer to the honor page of this site), which is in line with FAW's "health care and experience" for users "The concept of sales.
In order to ensure quality and quantity to complete the order task on time, our employees did not have a holiday like in previous years during the National Day, but chose to continue to work, and now produce more than 5,700 Bluetooth headsets per day. Judging from the current daily output, the task can be completed ahead of schedule.